Delighting Arrow Rock shoppers with handcrafted goods and gifts since 1961.

At the corner of Fifth & Main Streets in Arrow Rock, Mo.
Telephone: 660-846-3675

Open weekends spring and fall (until Nov 25) | Open every day except Tues. from Memorial Day to Sept. 30. | Hours 10-5 except Sun. 1-5  





Stop by and see our quilt in progress and purchase your chances to win it!

Our History

A handwritten note records the birth of the Arrow Rock Craft Club: “On November 14th, [1960], a group of ladies gathered at the home of Mrs. Nelle Thompson and Miss Amy Harris for an all day meeting. The purpose of said meeting was to organize a craft club to be called the Arrow Rock Craft Club to promote Arrow Rock and make and sell homemade articles of any kind you would think would interest a stranger coming into our town.”

The note went on to say the group hoped to find a suitable building as a permanent home for the club. Fortunately, many of the charter craft club members were wives of Masons, and in 1961, they persuaded their husbands to lease them the vacant ground floor space of the Masonic Lodge.

The club, which still operates out of its original location, recently celebrated its 50th anniversary.

Homemade food items have always sold well at the Arrow Rock Craft Club, but members fill the shop with a variety of items. A 1962 story in The Missouri Farmer described items for sale, including dolls, quilts, and lace handkerchiefs. At the time, members were surprised by the popularity of one product: 50-cent bags of sheep manure tourists took home to spread on gardens.

You won't find sheep manure at the Craft Shop today, but you will find many of the other items that have been selling in this charming shop for generations, including delicious homemade jams and jellies, needlecraft, carved wooden decorations and toys.

Text courtesy of Images of America: Arrow Rock by Sandy Selby